use of can

Can का प्रयोग निम्नलिखित अर्थ में होता हे -

1. To express ability which may be physical mental or circumstantial

i can speak English
i can do this work
he can face any trouble
he can solve this problem  within an hour
she can pass the examination = She is able to pass  the examination
i can defeat the enemy = I am able to defeat the enemy
We can cross the Ganga = We are able to cross the Ganga
i can do it tomorrow = i shall be able to do it tomorrow
he can get a job next year = he will be able to get a job next year

2. use of can , with ' Know how to ' 

He can operate the computer = He knows how to operate the computer
I can guide the students = I know how to guide the students

3. use of can , with ' have the right to  '

you can not enter the examination = You do not have the right to  enter the examination
We can not change the programme. = we do not have the right to change the programme

4. To express possibility(सम्भावना बताने के लिए )

this news can be true .
man can make mistakes.

 5. To express permission (अनुमति के लिए )

 you can stay here.
can i use your pens ?

6. To express offer (अनुरोध करने के लिए )

Can I bring you a chair to sit in ?
Can I carry yours bag ?

7. To express Phrasal use of can 

i can't help laughing
she can't help singing .

8. To express habit or nature(प्रकति को बताने के लिए )

a pickpocket can spare none.
A fraudster can deceive any one

9. To express purpose(उदेश्य के लिए )

I read this book so that I can learn English correctly

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