Use of Might

Use of Might
1.Might  का प्रयोग May के Past Equivalent के रूप में किया जाता हे \
He said to me I may teach you English
He told me that he might taech me English

2.To express Possibility in Present or Future
It might rain today
The train might be late
He might qualify the test

3.To express polite request (विन्रम अनुरोध करने के लिए )
Might i use your pen ?

4.To express purpose in the past (भूतकाल के लिए)
He run fast that he might catch the train
She worked hard so that she might pass

5.To express the sense of There is good reason for
you might as well start a new business
we might as well postpone the programme.

6.To express unfulfilled possibility in the past
She might have done the work

The problem might have been solved.

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