[One Liner Gk] 500 Most Important General Knowledge Mcq 2019 Railway-Part 1

Toady we have compiled the "[One Liner Gk] 500 Most Important General Knowledge Mcq 2019 Railway-Part 1" for your reference.

one liner general knowledge [gk] questions with answers in English is made available here with lots of pain taken by my friends to compile 500 gk one liner with zero error.

General Knowledge (GK) Top 63 one liner is one of the best One Liner Questions with Answers compiled yet. Friends, You should memorize it by reading it five times, so that no questions from One Liner Approach To General Knowledge [GK] could be left in exam .

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we are presenting One Liner Approach To General knowledge under following head “[One Liner Gk] 500 Most Important General Knowledge Mcq 2019 Railway-Part 1’’

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 [One Liner Gk] 500 Most Important General Knowledge Mcq For Railway-Part 1

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one liner general knowledge questions with answers in english

1. When did Timurlong loot Delhi? In 1398
2. When was the hockey included in the Olympic Games? In the 1928 Amsterdam (Holland) Olympics
3. Where was Sher Shah Suri buried? Sasaram (Bihar)
4. Who discovered the neutron? James Chedwick
5. Which is used as a diluent in a nuclear reactor? Heavy water and graphite
6. Which is the world's smallest continent? Australia
7. N.C.C. Which year was founded? In 1948
8. Amjad Ali Khan plays the musical instrument? Sarod
9. Which is the highest waterfall in India? Jog or Garsoopa on the River Sharavati in Karnataka
10. What is the distance from Moon to Earth? 385000 km

one liner general knowledge- gk answers english short trick

11. Which is the world's least populous country? Vatican City
12. Where is gold mine in India? In Kolar (Karnataka)
13.How many schedules are there in the Indian Constitution? Schedule 12
14.How long does the sun's light take to reach the earth from the moon? 1.3 Second
15. Which of these is famous for Panna (Madhya Pradesh) mines? Diamond
16. Which country is the gift of the Nile River? Egypt
17. Who gave the slogan 'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Jain'? Atal Bihari Vajpai
18. What is the old name of Ghana? Gold Coast
19. Which instrument is related to Ustad Zakir Hussain? Tabla
20. Who discovered the US? Christopher Columbus in 1492

one liner general studies [gk] in english

21.Vande Mataram was first sung in which congress of Congress? In 1896
22. Who searched for 'the theory of relativity'? Albert Einstein
23. Who discovered the airplane? Oliver and Wilbur Wright Bandhu
24. Who did the first heart transplant? Dr. Christian Barnard (Southern Africa)
25. Which is the city of seven hills? Rome
26. When was the Saka Samvat adopted as the National Calendar? March 22, 1957
27. Who searched for radium? Pierre and Marie Curie
28. At what height does the temperature decrease by 1 degree C? 165 m
29. Which planet has four rings around? Saturn
30. Which is the largest bank in the world? State Bank of India

gk questions [one liner] questions with answers in english 

31. What is the country of white elephants? Thailand
32. Kangaroo is the national symbol of which country? Australia
33. Sunderlal Bahuguna is related to which movement? Chipko Ando
34. What is the temperature of the sun surface? From 6000 °
35. Savannah grassland is in which continent? Africa
36. Which constitutional amendment introduced Panchayati Raj system? 73rd
37. If he wants to resign, who will hand over to the President? Vice president
38. What is the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? 0.03%
39. Where does the biggest fair of livestock in India fill? Sonpur (Bihar)
40. Which two countries are divided into 38th parallel? North and South Korea

one line gk question and answer in english

41. Who wrote the Ashta Ashtadhyayi? Water quiz question
42. The bulb's filament is made by whom? Tungsten
43. When did the third Buddhist council, where and under whose protection? During the reign of 44. Ashoka in Pataliputra in the year 250 BC
44. 'Triptik' are the texts of which religion and in which language are they written? Buddhism, Poly
45. What is the name of Indian peninsula? Deccan Plateau
46. What is the beach from Gujarat to Goa? Konkan
47. How many islands are in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands? 324
48. What two words were added in the introduction by the 42nd Constitution Amendment? Secular and socialist
49. Whose sign are on a rupee note? Secretary of the finance ministry
50. What is the maximum duration between the two sessions of Parliament? 6 months

general knowledge one liner mcq questions in english fo railway-part 1

51. Where are the caves of Ajanta and Ellora? Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
52. Who built the Rath Mandir of Mahabalipuram? Pallava king Narasimha Ram
53. How many percent of India's forests are? 19%
54. Where is Jim Corbett National Park located? Near Nainital (Uttarakhand)
55. 'Birdie', 'Eagle', 'Bogie', 'Par', 'T', 'Hole-in-One' are related to which game? Golf
56. Which sugar is made from the Sambhar lake? Rajasthan
57. Which ruler of the slave race was killed by a horse while shooting a Chowgan (polo)? Qutbuddin Aibak

railway gk questions one liner in english 2019

58. Who wrote 'song gobind'? Jayadeva
59. Which ruler was the founder of the Research Palace? Chandel
60. When and when was the establishment of the Vijayanagar empire? Harihara and Bukka in 1336
61. Where is the dense bird sanctuary located? Bharatpur (Rajasthan)
62. Where are the wild asses found in India? In Rann (Gujarat) of Kutch
63. Who is the biography of Pisces Kampf (my struggle)? Adolf Hitler
64. Who is the slave capital made? Karl Marx
65. When Mahmud Ghajnavi looted Somnath temple? 1025 E
66. Which sanctuary is famous for a horny rhinoceros? Kaziranga (Assam)
67. Who wrote the book 'The Republic'? Plato

one liner general knowledge questions answers in english

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