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One Liner gk 2019 is very important for students who all are preparing for government competitive exam 2019One liner gk 2019 will help you to crack and grab marks in Exam.

one liner gk in hindi 2019
one liner gk 2019
Why one liner gk 2019 is important?

One liner general knowledge is important because when you go to write exams for railway group-d, for SSCfor JSSCfor JPSC and for competitive exam pattern like this so on... , Maximum marks will be in general knowledge section, Further it is easy to opt for as it does save our potential of calculation and time. If you are preaparing for jssc then you should cover jharkhand gk to crack exam as 20-25 questions are asked from jharkhand state.

one liner gk 2019

This one liner gk 2019 covers various section of general knowledge asked in competitive exams in 2019 with new syllabus pattern.

One liner history gk 2019

one liner history general knowledge is important as it will help you to grab 10-12 marks in any competitive exams were traditional gk questions are asked.

one liner history gk in english 2019

as all the one liner taught here is in english language and if you want to read more then you can check the link below at last.

  • Culture of India
  • Vedic Era
  • Various National Movement during 1857
  • East India Company
  • Various Dynasty like Gupta, Mughal, Delhi etc
  • Rise of Nationalism etc....

One liner geography gk 2019 

one liner geography shares equal part in various competitive exams especially when it comes to exams like JPSC, UPSC, Railway group d, and so on...

 geography one liner in english

Here in this section we are discussing geography gk in english and the syllabus below will be covered in this part

  • Indian Geography
  • Seasons of India
  • Crops of India and its effect in 2019
  • India climate change 2019
  • sugar in 2019
  • cash crop 
  • Agriculture in India
  • Soil of India
  • Population of India
  • Census and so on... 

one liner science gk 2019

It covers most important section and you can also download it to read in off line 

one liner science in english 2019

Science general knowledge is important because various facts which is asked in exam is from science. It is very easy to score.

  • basic physics questions with answers
  • basic biology questions and answers
  • one liner chemistry gk

one liner gk 2019

  • Where is Vikram Sarabhai Space Center located? -Tiruvananthapuram
  • What is the pH value of pure water? -7.0
  • What is the total number of myths? -18
  • What is the tax done during the Maurya period? - Deer
  • Who is the right to change and form a new state? - Parliament
  • Petroleum is found? - In Sedimentary Rocks
  • Which religion is related to Ajanta caves located in Aurangabad in Maharashtra? - Buddhism
one liner gk 2019

  • What is the most active metal element? - CG
  • What is the name of the most active nonmetallic element? -Florin
  • Where is Guru Gobind Singh's samadhi? - Nanded
  • What was the state language of Delhi Sultanate? - Persian
  • Who joins Jojila Pass? - Leh and Srinagar
  • Every year, the 'Human Development Report' is published by globally - UNDP (United Nations Development Program)
one liner gk 2019

  • Agricultural Kumbh-2012 will be organized in the month of October - Lucknow
  • 2019 Will the 'International Year of Native Languages' Celebrate? - UNO (United Nations Organization) - United Nations Organization
  • In which state is the Nutrino Observatory established in India? - Tamil Nadu (Theni)
  • Which sultan of Delhi Sultanate was given the title of 'lakhbucks'? - Qutbuddin Aibak
  • What is the language of the songs of Kerala's main classical dance Kathakali? - Malayalam
  • What was the official language of the Mughal period? - Persian

one liner gk 2019
  • What is a mixture of brass - copper and zinc
  • Where is Haldia Oil Purifier Factory located? - West Bengal
  • Periyar is the largest river of which state? - Kerala (244 km)
  • On which river is the Idukki Dam constructed? - Periyar
  • Who has recently considered 'an intangible cultural heritage of humanity' by UNESCO? Kumbh Mela
  • Which Indian female cricketer gave Arjuna Award in 2018? - Smriti Mandhana
  • Regarding the Golden Quadrilateral project? - By connecting four metros
  • Relation to Bharatmala Project? - By combining highways
  • Does the project relate to connecting the port? Sagarmala project
  • The diamond quadrilateral project is related to whose extension? - Railway network
  • What kind of forests were found in the hills of Nilgiris? Tropical evergreen forest
  • First Indian social activist who won the Raman Magsaysay Award - Vinoba Bhave
  • Where is the famous 'Vriddeshwar Temple' situated for UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cholam Art? - In Tanjore District of Tamil Nadu
one liner gk 2019

  • Who built the Vriddeshwar temple? - Maharaja Raj Raj first
  • In 1893 who founded the 'Dagdusheth Ganapati Murti'? - Dagdusheth Confectionery
  • Dagaduheth Ganapati Temple is situated in which state? - Maharashtra (of Pune)
  • In which state is the Aranmula Yacht Race organized? - Kerala
  • Which country is the first state to issue e-ration card? - Delhi
  • Private managed country's first station? - Habibganj Bhopal
  • The country's first solar power D.E.M.U. (Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit) train was sent off.-Train to Delhi from Delhi
  • Who first used the term 'Adivasi'? -Dkkar Baba
  • Arunachal Pradesh 'Khan festival' is related to which tribe? - Migi tribe
  • 'Statue of Liberty' is located? - Who is the Nile mirror in New York? - Dinabandhu Mitra's
one liner gk 2019

  • Which woman was the world's first Prime Minister? - Sirimovo stores Nike
  • Who was the country's first woman Chief Minister? - Sucheta Kripalani
  • On which layer of atmosphere do climate changes occur? -Troposphere
  • International Day of the Republic Day celebrations? September 15
  • When was the 'Indian Competitiveness Commission' established to monitor the mergers and acquisitions of companies?
  • By what name is the Brazilian tropical grassland (savanna) also known?
  • Matur is the principal canal of which state? Tamil Nadu
one liner gk 2019

  • Who created the Jagannath temple of Puri in Gupta period? - Chol Gangdev
  • Harappa is situated on the banks of which river? - Ravi river
  • Where is Mohanjodaro located? - Pakistan
  • Which is the largest producing state of cashew and cardamom? - Kerala
  • Cardamom's hill is located? - In Kerala
  • Which hills are situated on the title of Ganga Delta? - Rajmahal Hills

one liner gk 2019

one liner gk is very important for competitive exam, friends if you are preparing for competitive exams where general knowledge section covers maximum portion of questions then it is good to read this post "one liner gk 2019" 

One liner general knowledge is also useful gk for railway exam such as railway ALP, Railway Group d, SSC-CGL, SSC-CHDL, JSSC.
Friends if you are preparing for jharkhand staff selection commission(JSSC) then in this exam questions related to jharkhand gk will be asked that you should prepare as 10-15 questions will be from jharkhand general knowledge.
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